Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Most tech entrepreneurs want to build "buzz" for their products and services.  It sparks marketing and sales and investment.  But, this woman has been different.  She has kept her head down and worked on her product out of the limelight for years, and she prefers it that way.  It helps that her product is revolutionary and can change medicine as we know it.  However, it is unusual for someone in Silicon Valley to remain silent.  She is apparently stepping away from her monastic vow with recent interviews, but not too far.  To someone in PR, it is difficult to understand why anyone would reject favorable publicity.  Perhaps she didn't want the pressure to perform while developing her product.  Perhaps, she has no use for the media.  Perhaps she feared competitors seizing her idea and running with it.  Whatever the reason, she has refused to talk until now, so she is largely unknown by comparison to other Silicon Valley billionaires.  She has been the despair of publicists.


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