Monday, December 08, 2014

Fatal Flaw? 

Uber, the ride-sharing service, might have a fatal flaw -- the drivers themselves.  Consider this case.  It might be a one-time crime perpetrated by a driver, but once is enough in cities where Uber is under attack anyway for taking business away from regulated taxi companies. Secondly, Uber had the perception of being a safer way to travel than regulated taxis.  This incident destroyed that image.  Delhi is just one city among many in which Uber offers its service, but the company can't afford tragedies like this and the statement from Uber, while conciliatory is not enough.  Proper PR demands that Uber do better driver checks and have the correct permits for its drivers to work.  This might mean that the company has months to get back into the good graces of the Delhi Transport Department -- or it can be excluded forever if regulated taxi drivers complain too loudly.  Either way, it should be a warning shot to the company to do a better job.


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