Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Habitual Evil 

No one knows yet whether North Korea launched a cyber attack on Sony Pictures and gutted its infrastructure.  However, there are strong suspicions that the country had a hand in the act.  It had declared Sony's pending release of a comedy portraying the attempted assassination of North Korea's leader was an act of war against the country.  North Korea is a state that practices habitual evil.  What seems normal to it is shunned in other countries.  Its public relations is built on fear.  Its citizens never know when the knock on the door will come and they are dragged away to one of the country's gulags.  One wonders how long a state can exist like this, and the answer is a long time, as long as the army continues to back the "Dear Leader."  However, should the head of state lose control of the military forces, he will be cashiered and another will take his place for better or worse.  The system is rotten, but not yet ready to fall.  One wishes for the citizens of North Korea a day of freedom, a time of democracy while knowing it is a dream deferred for yet another generation.


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