Friday, December 26, 2014

Must Have An Enemy 

It has long been known that dictators to legitimize their control must have an enemy.  There needs to be an external force that threatens the country, even if the dictator has to invent one -- such as here.  It is an irony that to sustain public relations one must find a public with whom there can be no relations.  Keeping that public before citizens becomes the object of communications and message control.  Propaganda creates cartoonish descriptions of the enemy and its threat to the good order of the country and its citizens.  The West is still a threat in the mind of Putin and the US especially so.  One might ask why anyone should be surprised by this aging Cold Warrior, but the outcome is damage to his own citizens.  He ought to know better.  He doesn't, or he is cynical enough about his intentions that he employs tools from past.


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