Monday, December 01, 2014

Public Education 

The Federal Aviation Commission has set a huge PR task for itself in its announcement that it would educate the public about the use of drones.  Most drones are the size of model airplanes.  The difference is that they can hover and move in ways a model airplane can't.  The FAA is likely to face huge resistance from drone users who see the utility of the aircraft and are not afraid of the risks.  Drone use has mushroomed and projected use, including aerial delivery, are making the craft part of everyday living.  It will be hard for the FAA to regulate them, since they can be used anywhere anytime.  That is what commercial users of drones are hoping for.  They can loft the aircraft, perform a mission and be gone before anyone knows.  The FAA is correct that there needs to be some kind of drone rules. Otherwise the sky will become a freeway of aircraft crashing into one another.  However, the FAA has cast itself as the heavy in regulation, so it might need to proceed with a gentle hand.


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