Friday, December 19, 2014

Stomach-Churning Publicity 

This doctor thinks stomach-churning images of lower limb amputations should be placed on prepared foods that lend to Type 2 diabetes.  He points to anti-smoking campaigns as a model.  The problem is that no one knows whether it would work.  The doctor is right about Type 2 diabetes.  It is at epidemic levels in the US and little is being done about prevention.  It is a disease of a wealthy, sedentary nation. As he notes, it affects an estimate 29.1 million Americans and costs the nation up to $69 billion a year.   Why can't something be done about it?  It would require a change in the habits of tens of millions and that is not only hard, it is near impossible.  Any PR campaign directed to the problem would cost millions and take years to show an effect.  So, doctors live with it and treat patients the best they can,  Pictures of amputated limbs on soda cans are not going to make much difference.


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