Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The Islamic terrorist group, Isis, is blackmailing the Japanese government by threatening to decapitate two Japanese citizens unless the country pays $200 million for their ransom.  Japan would be foolhardy to give in.  By so doing, it would put a ransom on the head of every one of its citizens.  No Japanese would be safe in any part of the world where there are kidnappings,  As ugly as it is, the country for the larger protection of its citizens must risk seeing the two men beheaded on camera.  This will pose an immediate public relations problem for the government, but one that can be handled.  The government will need to explain that by giving in once, it encourages criminals to do it again without an end to the nightmare.  It is a difficult position for the prime minister to be in and he requires a stiff back to withstand the pressure, but leadership is never easy.


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