Monday, January 26, 2015


School superintendents, county executives, commuting authorities, mayors, governors and weather forecasters all have warned the public about a blizzard about to hit the northeast.  There are predictions ranging from one to three feet depending on where one lives. Supermarkets are mobbed and shelves stripped bare.  People are stocking up on gas for generators and snow blowers.  Snow shovels are stacked at the door.  While one can thank the media and authorities for alerting the public, one wonders, based on past faulty predictions, whether this one is going to be the "Big One" or not.  One almost hopes that it is after the misses of the past.  At least it would be a storm one could talk about.  The PR effort is designed to keep people off the roads so plows can do their work.  If the storm is as big as predicted, there won't be much worry of that.  Cars will be buried in their driveways.  If the storm is a bust, it will be another PR effort wasted.  One can't predict storms accurately in advance, but the public can grow tired of warnings that rarely prove true.


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