Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disneyland and Medical PR 

Disneyland has a medical and PR problem.  A measles outbreak has been traced to the theme park.  Disneyland wouldn't have the issue if parents vaccinated their children, but many aren't.  What is the company to do?  It would risk its business if it demanded that parents bring vaccination papers from their doctors before they are allowed into the park.  On the other hand, it is risking its business with the measles outbreak -- a disease that was supposed to have been eradicated through vaccination.  This is an example of an unintended consequence.  What company would think about childhood diseases being a major PR issue?  Yet, challenges like this arise regularly in business.  There is little that Disney can do other than to encourage parents to get their children vaccinated.  Parents who fear vaccination won't, but others who have overlooked the issue might..  Meanwhile, the park has to do the best it can to minimize instances of this highly contagious disease and its spread.


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