Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Skating On The Edge 

News that Israeli settlers stoned a US consul's car and vandalized 5,000 Palestinian olive saplings raises an interesting question.  How far can dissidents go before they lose public sympathy?  They are skating on the edge of losing support internally in Israel and externally with nations sympathetic to the country.  One wonders why Israel can't control them or at least better protect those trying to find a solution that is amenable both to Palestinians and Israelis.  Zealous Israelis claim the land by birthright and treat Palestinians as interlopers who must be moved out.  Palestinians who have lived there for hundreds of years object. Violence on one side sparks violence on the other.  Outrage begets anger.  Attempts to make peace swirl down the sewer.  There is no relationship among the publics on both sides and little chance of developing one.  Ultimately one side or the other has to be vanquished before there is any chance of peace and that might take decades.  It is a dangerous way to live.


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