Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Start Stop 

A federal judge has apparently stopped President Obama's plans for immigration reform.  It is too early to know if his order will be lifted or not.  One point is for sure -- communicating to millions of immigrants who can take advantage of the plans will be immensely more difficult.  First of all, many do not know what the original proposals entail.  Secondly, once they do, they are left with the uncertainty if they will come to fruition.  Almost certainly, Obama's administration will take the matter to court and try to have the injunction overturned.  It might happen right away or move to a higher court, which takes time. All the while, every message is conditional.  If the executive orders stand, then this will happen.  That offers wan hope for those who are afraid of deportation.  What one wants is communications with certainty, but in this case, it might not be possible.


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