Friday, February 13, 2015

Stretching The Limit 

Elon Musk has been the PR spokesperson for Tesla since its beginning.  The electric auto has been expensive to build and the company is a money-loser,  So what is Musk doing.  He's doubling down on his investment by spending $763 million to double production.  Shareholders have been patient, but for how much longer?  Musk so far has led them into the unknown and succeeded in developing a well built auto.  He has kept his presence in the media constant.  He has not backed off from his vision.  But, should his company lose huge amounts of money for another year or two, he might not be so lucky.  He is an entrepreneur living on borrowed time.  PR won't help him if his investors turn their backs.  His company has yet to prove economic.  It is a dream that numerous inventors and entrepreneurs before him have pursued and failed to realize.  Musk has come closer than most to succeeding but he isn't there yet.  He had better hope that he continues to be successful as the spokesperson for Tesla.  Failure will be ugly.


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