Monday, March 23, 2015

Accepting Facts 

Even a committed opponent of climate change should accept that arctic ice is thinning at a record pace.  The opponent needs to find an explanation for the event that discounts human involvement, which is difficult to do.  It would be better to accept scientific studies that show global warming to be man-made since the industrial revolution.  The dedicated opponent can't do that, and as a result, he becomes a spinmeister for his untenable position and the opposite of what good PR should be.  The first rule of PR is accuracy, accepting facts and merchandising them persuasively.  The spinmeister who can't accept arctic ice thinning lest it erode his position is equivalent to a lobbyist for the tobacco industry.  Sow doubt and confusion in place of evidence and keep the public uncommitted.  While that is one's privilege under the First Amendment., it is also craven. No wonder PR gets a bad name.


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