Thursday, March 26, 2015


When one does a publicity stunt for a product, it should in some way highlight the features and functions of the thing.  That is why this stunt is dubious at best.  No one is going to attempt a cable crossing by car.  It is insane and dangerous.  Besides, how is one to get the car on the cable in the first place?  And, what features of the car were highlighted as it rolled down the cables?  This comes under the classification of trying too hard to make one's product stand out.  One can envision the marketing meeting in which the idea was conjured.  Someone had a brilliant idea and convinced the client to do it.  "Think of the social media value of such a stunt.  We'll get tens of thousands of hits."  They might have received that many and more, but what are they worth other than individuals gawking at a car straddling two wires?  


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