Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is This Man Serious? 

Any native-born citizen is entitled to run for President, but that doesn't mean he should.  That is why one should ask if this man is serious about running.  His PR negatives are far greater than his positives, and many consider him a preening font of vanity.  But, he can run if he wishes.  He will be spending his own money and that of citizens who might believe in what he does.  However, since he is starting an exploratory committee, he might be shrewd.  He reaps the publicity value of a potential candidate but he doesn't actually run in the end.  Trump has always been a savvy self-publicist with his name on one tower after another and his frequent TV appearances.  He has worked hard to shape his image and he has been successful.  The problem is that his image is not to the liking of many.  Be that as it may, he has a right to run.  He would need to change his image radically before many would consider voting for him, and it is hard to believe he has the capability of doing that.


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