Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Rules And Reputation 

Hillary Clinton did not use State Department e-mail during her time leading it.  This was a clear breach of regulations done with intent.  The questions now are what the government will do about it, if anything, and how it might affect her candidacy for the White House.  Chances are that nothing will happen in either arena, since she doesn't have a visible opponent in the Democratic Party for the nomination.  One wonders why she would risk her reputation by doing what she did.  She must have had strong personal reasons for staying invisible in government e-mail servers.  If so, she might need to air them now to put the controversy at rest.  What it does show is that Clinton has no reluctance in bending or breaking rules if it serves her purposes.  Whether that is good or bad depends on the circumstances.  It will cost her some votes, probably not many, and it is an opening for an opponent's attack in the race to the Presidency.


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