Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Also Ran 

How does an Also-Ran candidate become a contender?  For example, Rand Paul.  He is a self-described outsider who wants to win the Republican nomination for President.  One person knows what it is to be an outsider and win -- President Obama.  He was an undistinguished senator from Illinois when he launched his bid.  Obama used every communications technique imaginable.  He was a ground breaker in his deployment of social media.  Paul will have to do the same, and because some of Paul's positions are controversial, he will need to overcome popular objections to his agenda.  Obama shows it can be done, but that doesn't make it any easier on Paul.  There might be an advantage to starting back in the pack.  One doesn't have as much pressure as a front-runner, but at some point, one has to move up and maintain the top spot.  Then public examination of one's character and promises becomes ruthless.  Paul may have to adjust his message as he campaigns, but by being out of the spotlight, it is easier to do.


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