Friday, April 10, 2015

Cyber Attack 

Although not stated in this article about a cyber attack drill, there is a role for PR in the event of an invasion.  That comes in for development and transmission of messages about the incursion to the media, customers, suppliers and employees.  The writer states the case implicitly by saying that the company must prepare a media message and train employees in the use of social media.  It is not clear that Deloitte has a PR person in the room with other top corporate executives during the drill, but if she isn't, it is an oversight.  Lawyers and marketers are unqualified to frame an accurate message without hype that is also easily digestible.  The lawyer will come with caveats, the marketer with adjectives.  The PR person should come with an understanding of what the media and public want to know and be willing to fight for it at the conference room table.  It is this connection with the external world that is important once an attack has begun because cyber-criminals take down the connection to the public or steal information of importance to external audiences.  If PR practitioners haven't run drills for what to do in the event of a cyber attack, they should start.


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