Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PR Challenge 

Here is a PR challenge. Norway is going to shut down its FM radio stations and move completely to digital transmission, but 50 percent of the listeners aren't prepared for the shift.  They are happy listening to FM.  Norway has given itself two years to make the shift and that should be enough time for its citizens to purchase digital radios for homes and cars, but, of course, it won't be. People procrastinate, and many won't understand what has happened until the day they switch on their radios and nothing comes out.  Norway has two years to saturate the public with messages about the coming of digital radio.  If it fails, look to its D-day to move.  Officials also should be prepared for long and loud complaints from people who want to be compensated for buying new radios.  However, it is better that a relatively small country is making the change first.  Imagine the protests in the US.


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