Monday, April 27, 2015

The Perfect E-mail 

There is a site that purports to guide one in writing the perfect e-mail.  It assembles data from the internet and builds a profile of the person to whom you want to communicate with instructions for how to do it.  Has it come to this?  Having taught e-mail writing to business school students, there is a need to change habits.  Many have difficulty getting to the point or lose the point completely.  That said, PR practitioners are often no better.  The essence of e-mail is the short message that states what one wants to say in as few words as possible.  There are exceptions -- i.e. pitch letters to reporters, although these are questionable.  There are reports but the key message should be in the first line.  E-mail was never meant to be a lengthy communication.  It got that way because people have trouble getting to the point.  If the site helps one condense messages, more power to it.


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