Thursday, April 02, 2015

Why Be Appalled? 

Commentators are bashing Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada for his lies about Mitt Romney's tax situation during the last election.  They are calling it cynicism that has changed the nature of Washington politics.  But, why be appalled?  Politics were down and dirty from the beginning.  Consider the stand-off between Jeffersonians and Federalists.  John Adams and Alexander Hamilton were tarred in every way possible for their belief that a strong central government was needed.  Jefferson was slandered in return.  There have always been operatives to do the dirty work of campaigning.  The difference with Harry Reid is that he is a sitting senator who was lying rather than a  hack.  It is probably good  that most citizens pay little attention to the political process because they miss the madness of campaigning and make up their minds in their own ways.  


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