Tuesday, May 12, 2015


It is harder now for a reporter to get away with a biased interview.  Consider this.  Bloomberg's political editor, Mark Halperin, went too far in trying to test presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, on his Hispanic background.  The internet erupted in outrage over the questions Halperin was asking.  Halperin, for his part, is left with a black eye as a reporter with a twisted "liberal" bent.  Many felt that Cruz would not have undergone a grilling had he been a Democrat.  That remains to be seen.  But, it is true that Halperin's questions were demeaning.  From a PR perspective, Cruz came out of the interview rather well.  He wasn't defensive.  He gamely answered most of the questions.  Halperin later apologized for conducting the interview in the way he did.  Perhaps this episode will insulate Cruz in the future when others want to question his heritage.  If so, a negative will have become a positive.


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