Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Apparently the police warned the manager of a Waco, TX restaurant about having rival motorcycle gangs on the premises.  The ensuing rumble left nine dead and a state of chaos the police had to break up.  Now, 170 bikers are charged with capital murder and the restaurant is shut for the time being.  One wonders what the restaurant manager was thinking.  It couldn't have been good for public relations to have swaggering gang members downing beers among regular customers.  The ensuing melee was a mortal danger to diners who are unlikely to return.  There is a chance that the restaurant will go out of business, and if it does, the company only has itself to blame.  There are times when refusal to serve customers is a matter of safety.  This was one.  At very least, the manager should have ordered that weapons be checked at the door.  

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