Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Smart PR 

Dodge has engaged in smart PR for the introduction of its newest muscle car, the Hellcat.  The company dribbled details about the auto to enthusiasts and let them speculate about its performance.  And guess they did.  The company kept up the game until it revealed that horsepower broke 700 for the rubber-burning machine. It also released viral videos that furthered speculation.  The cost of the program was negligible by comparison to buying TV spots and it reached its target audience like a rifle shot.  The company built engagement with the brand whether or not an enthusiast could afford the $61,000 to buy the Hellcat.  This is far from the day when one called in the editors of auto magazines and did a reveal.  However, it appears that it will work well only in some instances.  For mainstream autos without huge performance statistics, dribbling information is likely to result in yawns.  Still, Dodge has shown the viral way for muscle cars.  


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