Monday, May 11, 2015

Wise Advice 

This is wise advice on the use of e-mail.  I've taught business school students for several years using the same principles.  The problem is that many never learn, and they create problems for themselves.  E-mail works on the KISS principle -- Keep it simple, stupid.  Messages should be complete but short and sent just to those people for whom it is intended.  Long message strings should be cut back, or if they are necessary, summarized.  One point I drummed into my students.  E-mail is never private, whether or not one puts a warning at the end of a message.  I've always taught that one should write so anyone can read the missive without repercussion.  It is amazing how many people forget that even now and get themselves into trouble.  E-mail needn't be bland.  One can express oneself forcefully but it should be done carefully with the intended audience firmly in mind as well as the secondary audience that might see it.


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