Monday, June 08, 2015

Facts And PR 

Apple has been trumpeting the success of its "Apple Pay" application and calling 2015 as the year it will take off.  Reuters is not convinced and did its own study of the system.  It turns out that Apple has been exaggerating.  The result is embarrassment because someone checked the facts versus the contention.  Apple ought to know better.  It is a warning to PR practitioners as well to be conservative in claims.  Talk about what you have done and not what you plan to accomplish.  Or, at least, caveat your claims.  "We hope to make 2015 the year of Apple Pay."  We're striving to make 2015 the year of Apple Pay."  The flat statement that "2015 is the year of Apple Pay"  begs the attention of fact checkers.  Apple may yet make 2015 the year of a breakthrough in mobile payments, but now it has to overcome negative perceptions of its own making.  It is a needless distraction. 


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