Monday, June 15, 2015

For Sale - Cheap 

It is little wonder that the public doesn't trust politicians when hacks seek to monetize everything.  Consider this instance.  Sit with Hillary for $2700.  That's cheap, but the image it projects is of a candidate for sale when a politician should be demonstrating integrity to the public.  Instead, it is bucks here and there and everywhere.  Candidates protest that it is costly to run a campaign and they have to subject themselves to the grind of fund-raising constantly to pay off debts.  Indeed, Hillary had a huge IOU from her first campaign for president.   One hopes there is a better way for candidates to reach the public with a message, and maybe the internet is a solution -- social media and web sites and news aggregators.  They are far less expensive than TV advertising, the huge nut for candidates to crack.  Until then, look for more ways for candidates to market themselves to the public and hold your nose.


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