Monday, June 22, 2015

Making It Up? 

Politicians are already on the low side of the honesty scale, but one wonders if they are allowed to make up quotations that people never said.  Consider this case.  Apparently our founding fathers never wrote some of things attributed to them by book author and politician, Rand Paul.  Or, at least, quotes are misinterpretations of what the Founders said.  This kind of sloppiness earns historians poor marks and public shaming.  It is interesting that, other than this one story, not much has been said to point out Paul's errors.  Are voters uninterested or do they expect inaccuracies from pols?  In public relations, making up or bending quotes is a ticket to aspersion.  Reporters have little time for those who aren't accurate in their dealings with them. Politicians can sometimes get away with such truth-bending, but PR professionals can't.  Does that place us above elected officials?  


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