Friday, June 05, 2015

Sea Change? 

There are too many lawyers seeking too few jobs.  Are MBA's next?  There is a rising concern that Wall Street doesn't value the MBA as it once did.  The certification now is the Chartered Financial Analyst for which one doesn't have to spend enormous sums for tuition.  It requires hands-on experience, however.  The question facing universities is what to do.  Career offices can help only so much and then the newly minted MBA is on her own.  It is hard for business schools to develop PR programs that differentiate them.  Essentially in the public's view and in the view of industry, other than a few top schools, one MBA program is like another.  The annual rankings are as much a curse as a benefit.  Who wants to trumpet that "we're no. 15."  Still, there is merit in getting professors interviewed and mentioned in the media.  It can provide an aura of relevance that might otherwise be lacking.  There are no easy ways to negotiate a sea change.  One must be flexible and prepared to tack to another course.


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