Thursday, June 25, 2015

Too Little, Too Late 

The press is speculating that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey will announce soon his candidacy for the GOP Presidential nomination.  One hopes he thinks it better to let others run.  New Jersey is in a fiscal crisis.  The governor's popularity has plunged and citizens are angry about his frequent absences doing speaking tours.  While working on his relationship with the public outside of New Jersey, he has lost the public inside. However, all politicians running for higher office face the same dilemma -- how to keep those who know you best on your side while courting those who don't.  They have to attend to daily business while spending most of their time campaigning.  It is no secret that the mundane tasks of leading get slighted.  If Christie is honest with himself and his publics, he would announce that he is not running, and he will spend his remaining time in office tackling New Jersey's pressing problems.  But, don't bet on that.  


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