Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The Mexican President is fighting charges of corruption in the ranks over the improbable escape of Drug Lord Joaquin Guzman from a maximum security prison  And he should.  What the escape engineers did to free Guzman is incredible.  Think of it.  Boring a hole thirty feet below ground and arrow straight for a mile to Guzman's cell would test any miner's skills, and one can only conclude that Guzman's people had help.  It wouldn't have taken much to miss the prison altogether without laser sighting, but once one dug below the facility, how would he know precisely where to come up?  Guzman's people bought off guards almost certainly or somehow compromised their integrity.  It is an embarrassment for Mexico and its political structure and rightfully the President has lost credibility.  One must now ask what kind of PR is needed to regain the confidence of Mexican citizens.


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