Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dirty Laundry 

It is painful when an institution supposedly built on love and religion erupts into a public fight over worldly matters.  One would hope there are still places left on earth where spiritual practices are foremost, and perhaps, there are, but in this case, there aren't.  It is hard to say or know who might be at fault here for open warfare between aging nuns and the diocese of Los Angeles.  It is knee-jerk a reaction to support the nuns over the bureaucrats, but the nuns haven't been quiet. The net result is scandal, an unseemly fight between two forces that leave the laity to fend for themselves.  The newspaper reports the situation with a sense of reality.  See these people aren't that much different than you and I.  They might have dedicated themselves to God but they haven't let go of their worldly selves.  In this case, the newspaper might be right.  This case will work its way through the courts and eventually be settled, but in the meantime, the faithful in Los Angeles and elsewhere are being treated to a display of dirty laundry.


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