Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Adequate Defense? 

So, The New York Times does an expose on your company after interviewing more than 100 current and former employees.  The article is brutal and a take-down of everything you say you stand for.  What is your adequate defense?  If you are Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, it is a letter to employees saying it isn't so.  That is hardly enough.  So far, there have been no employee groups rising in defense of their boss, no internal stirring of support.  The silence is deafening and should be a warning to Bezos that his managerial methods need examination.  Perhaps the intense nature of the work at Amazon has gone overboard.  One way to find out is to look at employee turnover.  If it is high, something is wrong.  Either initial recruiting was defective or there is too much pressure in the jobs themselves.  Bezos doesn't have to run a company in which everyone is kept happy all of the time, but he needs a company that functions with a minimum amount of friction.  Grinding work day and night is not the way to achieve that.  


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