Monday, August 17, 2015


Donald Trump is off the campaign trail for a day serving jury duty.  He has proclaimed himself ready to participate.  I'm sure Republicans are hoping he gets a 6-month trial, but, of course, he won't.  Republican candidates are gasping for air after the first debate with Trump bloviating to his advantage.  He is a demagogue but it is easy to forget that demagogues are successful at attracting a following, especially when people are not faring well.  The demagogue promises easy answers and a vision that will lift the burden on the populace.  They are easy to spot.  History is full of them.  There isn't much to be done about them other than to make sure they don't get power.  In other words, the thinking citizen will understand what he sees and will vote against him.  The Republican party understands Trump only too well but despite its frantic efforts, Trump is making headway in the polls.  Hillary Clinton couldn't be happier, even with her ongoing troubles.  Trump makes her look good.


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