Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A PR Disaster? 

This could be a PR disaster when it starts on Oct. 1.  Forcing doctors to use 140,000 codes to describe an illness or injury is far too much specificity.  It will be difficult enough for a specialist to master the codes in his area.  What about internists on the front line of medicine who see a bit of everything?  There is such a thing as too much data, and this is it.  The propagators of the code understand the enormity of the challenge and have tried to train doctors for its arrival, but the real problem will come when stressed doctors, behind in appointments day after day, try to choose a code on the fly.  Expect approximate results and not accurate ones.  The real worth of the coding system will be known in a year or two when analysts crunch the numbers and look into their validity.  Expect chaos.


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