Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Country PR 

In the migrant crisis enveloping Europe, Germany has stepped up more than any other country in taking refugees in.  It will absorb 800,000 this year, and it claims it can handle 500,000 a year for several years more.  This is a river of humanity entering a country that historically was standoffish.  The numbers will change the culture of Germany over time and in its diversity, it might start looking like the US.  This augurs favorably for Germany to remain a democracy in which demagogues have little traction, especially if migrants get to vote.  Germany's stance is an act of country public relations -- reaching out to people who have nowhere to go and letting them find food, housing and healthcare.  It should be a lesson to nations like the US, which is trying to seal its border to the South rather than develop plans and policies to integrate Hispanics into the American culture.


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