Thursday, September 17, 2015

Internal PR 

More than sparking sales, McDonald's needs to rebuild its relationship with its franchisees.  They are hurting and as a result, their view of corporate is negative.  McDonald's can't afford to go to war with its franchisees.  What it needs to do is to listen to them closely then decide what to do to regain growth.  This is a giant internal PR task for the company.  There is no easy way to get it done.  Inevitably franchisees' interests will conflict.  Some will want to maintain the menu.  Others will ask for it to be reduced to speed service.  Some will ask to modify the franchisee contract.  Others will be happy with the way it stands.  The corporation will need to thread through the opinions and to find an approach that is both pro-growth and satisfying to its franchisees.  It will be a monumental task, but if McDonald's is to start growing again, it needs to be done.


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