Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pigeonholing A Pope 

This article shows why it is hard to pigeonhole the pope along American political lines.  He doesn't fit neatly into the categories of liberal or conservative.  He is his own man, an independent thinker and believer.  The effort to pigeonhole him demonstrates the human tendency to put things into boxes in order to deal with them more easily.  It is something PR practitioners know intimately.  We call it perception, the lens through which the world is viewed.  We try to change perception constantly on behalf of clients through widening or narrowing the lens, or, if need be, changing it altogether.  We understand the power of perception and how it distorts or amplifies.  We know that reputation is based upon perception, that how one is viewed is how one is considered.  Fortunately, the pope has good press, but that can change any day and at any hour, and he understands that.  He is not here on the strength of his press clippings.  His purpose is higher and he hopes to be perceived through a lens of spirituality.


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