Thursday, September 03, 2015

PR Embarrassment 

Sony Pictures is coming out with a film that tells of the discovery of concussion-related illnesses in former National Football League players.  The NFL has only a few months to prepare for an onslaught of negative stories and for league players protests.  The NFL has been dealing with the issue for several years but not with the background of a feature film detailing its denials and eventual acceptance of the facts.  The film will dent its reputation and depending on how successful it is, the public might take away a deeply negative view of the league and its treatment of players.  In fairness to the NFL, it has been trying to teach players how to tackle without smashing helmets and jarring brains, but that might be too little too late.  The NFL has been riding high in public opinion for years.  It might have to regain that reputation after this movie.


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