Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Dubious Strategy 

Amazon.com is carrying on a public battle of words with The New York Times.  Amazon is outraged over the Time's expose of working conditions inside the company.  The Times is standing by its lengthy story.  Amazon is breaking the basic rule of never fight with a company that buys ink by the barrel.  It would have been far better for Amazon to have said that it is investigating the working conditions that the Time's story disclosed and it would act promptly to rectify them.  Instead, Amazon's spirited battle with the newspaper smacks of arrogance and does little good for the company's reputation.  Why do companies continue to make this mistake?  It might be that the top of the organization has lost touch with the bottom and doesn't know what is happening there.  When it is pointed out, the company is stung to the quick and fights back.  Whatever the reason, it is a dubious strategy to pick a fight with the news establishment.  


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