Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ambulance Chasers 

Volkswagen has done wrong and deserves to be punished, but should it have to endure this kind of pain?  The scramble of tort lawyers to find clients has long been disgusting, especially since lawyers stand to gain more from the class action suits than plaintiffs.  There ought to be a better way to get justice for victims than ambulance chasing, which is what the bar is doing.  Tort lawyers offer no apologies for their behavior.  Rather, they defend it as part of the process of getting justice for victims.  Maybe so but they are focused more on their payday than the victim's remuneration.  These are people who have their own jets to get them around and live in luxury on the percentage of winnings they extract from clients.  Lawyers should be well paid to take on such work, but they should not be obscenely compensated.  Until there is reform in the law, ambulance chasers will flourish.


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