Monday, October 05, 2015

Negative Relations 

One way to tell whether an organization cares about its reputation is how it behaves.  The Islamic State wants to be feared, and it has reduced ancient sites to rubble  to show its intent.  There is nothing about Palmyra that should offend IS.  The muslim terrorists blew up the Arch of Triumph because it was there.  Such behavior is an example of negative relations -- power through intimidation.  One doesn't set out to win public support but to rule through fear.  It works but at a cost to the leaders in time.  Eventually the populace will rise in revolt.  It might take years or decades but people will seek a way out of oppression through flight or force.  Consider North Korea.  It rules through its military and concentration camps and by shutting its borders so no one can leave.  It was the same strategy the Soviet Union and its satellite states used until their demise.  Negative relations work but at a cost.  That price is hatred from the citizens and pressure to change.


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