Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Costly Lesson 

A celebrity tries to hide something in the internet age.  It costs him $10 million in extortion, and he still can't keep it a secret.  That is the predicament in which Charlie Sheen finds himself.  He finally told the world that he is HIV positive in an interview on national television.  That is what he should have done in the first place.  It would have saved him a pile of cash.  Instead, he is much poorer and one hopes, wiser.  His experience should be a lesson to all that transparency is the better route and outcome.  PR practitioners have long known this, but they are dismissed as often as they are heard when they push for openness.  Charlie Sheen must have a publicist and one wonders whether he told that person of his condition.  I suspect not.  Otherwise, his publicist should have urged him to make an announcement as he ended up doing anyway.  New articles paint Sheen as a troubled person with dissolute behavior.  One wonders if this $10 million lesson will change his trajectory in life.


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