Friday, November 27, 2015


It is embarrassing when a company sets out to benefit customers but inadvertently makes things worse.  It's a PR black eye.  That is what happened to Dell computer recently when it tried to increase security for its customers but ended by creating a security hole in its system.  The lapse is more than an annoyance to its customers, it is a danger that has to be fixed soon or else.  One can ask how Dell made the mistake.  Surely it had engineers who had reviewed the change and gave their approval for it to be made, but somehow they didn't see the problem and let the modification go forward.  It took a programmer in the field to spot the error and inform the company about it.  So far, no one appears to have been compromised, but it was and is a near miss.  Dell will be more careful next time:  It won't soon forget.  One backfire was more than enough.


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