Monday, November 30, 2015

Critical Meeting 

The eyes of the world are on Paris for the start of COP21 -- Conference of Parties 21-- the climate control meeting among nations.  It hasn't been successful until now but the rapid warming of the earth has changed many minds and there appears to be a new willingness to cooperate.  There are a number of publicity elements and opportunities and they will be exploited, but the most important outcome is an agreement to lower emission levels.  This is an agreement that the US will follow along with the rest of the world.  To date, the US has absented itself from treaties to cut emissions, but it now appears ready to slash the amount it spews into the air.  If it does, President Obama can portray it as a PR triumph for his legacy.  If for some reason, the agreement runs into trouble, it will be painted as a failure in his administration.   


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