Friday, November 13, 2015


It has long been said that the best management tool is a good pair of shoes.  This notion has been turned into an acronym -- MBWA -- Management By Walking About.   Here is an example of a CEO who works as an Uber driver to learn how people feel about travel. It makes no difference to him that he is a multi-millionaire and founder of a successful company.  He is aware that he can't know what customers are thinking unless he rubs shoulders with them.  He is not alone.  Retail CEOs conduct store visitations to see how they are working and to hobnob with customers. CEOs of fast food franchises spend time each year behind the counter to remind themselves what is important.  It is smart management and PR to stay in close touch with the bottom, customer-facing side of a business.  It grounds one again in what is important to the success of an enterprise and closes the gap between customers and the top of an organization. 


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