Friday, November 06, 2015

Standards Vs. Creativity 

We are often told to think outside the box, be creative, smash old paradigms and find new ones.  But there are times when a box fosters creativity and is essential to artists, entrepreneurs and business persons.  Here is an example.  The Pantone color system put an end to the headache of identifying colors and using them consistently in one's work.  It is an essential tool everywhere and assists creative solutions in all forms of media and decoration.  One wonders why an inventor failed to come up with such a solution long before it was discovered in 1963.  The beauty of the Pantone system is its exactness. It specifies the blend of paints and inks to make the same color time after time.  As any colorist can tell you, that is hard to achieve.  So, while Pantone is a standardized tool, it facilitates out of the box thinking and imagination.  Communicators should consider this.  Some things are best when they are routine.


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