Monday, November 09, 2015

The Power Of Protest 

The University of Missouri is feeling the power of protest with its football team stopping practice and a call for the president of the university to step down.  The situation that sparked this was a swastika drawn on a residence hall.  African-American students rose up united to descry the incident and to call for action.  What they are doing shows the force of mass persuasion.  Organizations cannot run when their participants refuse to cooperate.  It is the same for strikes and all other crowd uprisings.  From a PR perspective, leaders have to realize that they are only in control through the power of positive persuasion and while people have a tendency to go along, there is always a chance they will not. When that happens, organizations break down and societies rupture.  At this juncture, it would probably be best if the President of the school did step aside.  It is too late for him to react and calm the crowd.


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