Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Not Our Problem 

Sometimes a company must publicly disavow use or abuse of its product.  Here is a case.  SAP, the software company, stated that its software wasn't the cause of problems that  forced DHL,the German mail and courier company, to take a huge write-off.  SAP supplied its software to a contractor who was tasked with installing it.  The contractor ran into problems and the system has been delayed.  The media had already fingered SAP as a party to the problems, and thus it was forced to clarify its position.  It is an uncomfortable position.  SAP almost certainly wants to remain a supplier to the contractor, but it needs to protect itself against a worse public relations fall-out should the entire project collapse.  There will almost certainly be lawsuits and SAP needs to sidestep those as well.  The best it can do is to divorce itself from a messy situation.


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