Friday, January 08, 2016


The world knows you have a contamination problem with your food, but you can't learn where it is coming from.  Every scientific test comes up empty.  There is no one ingredient that caused the problem.  There is no one supplier of foodstuffs.  The outbreak occurs across the country in a seemingly random fashion.  What do you do?  If your Chipotle you investigate and install new procedures, then you pray the outbreaks of e coli and Noroviruses stop.  The damage to the brand has been deep and might be long-lasting.  Without the "Aha" moment that reveals the cause(s) of the contamination, the company must tread carefully.  It doesn't know when the next attack might happen or where.  It is a PR nightmare.  Newspaper ads expressing apologies, which Chipotle ran, are a small sop and will have little effect if the outbreaks continue. The only effective PR is to find the problem and fix it, which is why the CEO must be having sleepless nights.


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